Get Behind The Wheel

“You won’t ever truly understand a Seven until you drive one”.  It’s a phrase often shared by petrolheads and journalists alike.

To some people, a Caterham is a mad little sports car which serves no practicality and has button-on doors, however, to the true enthusiast, a Caterham is a lightweight, driver-focused, track weapon that eats corners for breakfast.  Both of which are completely true.

Thing is, a Seven is so much more – we pride ourselves on sticking to back-to-basics motoring and emphasize what it is that makes a car great.  We redefine what you think a proper sports car really is, while sticking to the ethos of ‘adding lightness’ – and we think that everyone should have the opportunity to drive one.

That is exactly where our hire experiences come in.  

Yes, you did read that right, you can borrow a Seven from us and take it wherever you like (Ts and Cs apply – so no trips to the arctic, Wakanda or the moon).  Our friendly team will prepare a Seven of your choosing and get you set for a hire car unlike any other… it’s a lot more fun than your normal, diesel eurobox for a start….

Get ready to start your adventure.