2020 Caterham Virtual Motorsport Awards

2020 Caterham Virtual Motorsport Awards

You'll have heard this a lot, but 2020 really has been a year unlike any other... and our motorsport championships were no exception. 

No racing for months on end, to a condensed season and limited events,  it certainly was no easy task getting back on the grid.  But, our amazing Motorsport Team worked round the clock to deliver a full season of racing for our 200+ racing drivers both safely and responsibly. 

Thing is, after a year of intense, yet extremely fun, racing we usually like to reward everyone who took part with our annual Awards Dinner.  This usually involves some form of vodka luge, a large hotel, a bunch of simulators and some terrible jokes. But, as you'd expect, that won't be happening.  This year was easily one of our toughest challenges to date, so we can't really allow it to fizzle out like a damp candle.  No, we're going out with a bang! 

We've scooped up the usual fun and madness of the Awards Dinner, and given it a 20-ish minute remix. There are even some familiar faces... but you'll have to watch it to find out which of our famous friends have made an appearance.  

So, grab a drink, kick your feet up and enjoy a quick round up of our 2020 season.  Watch the video now, by clicking on these green words