Back to Business: Bring on Summer

Back to Business: Bring on Summer

We are pleased to announce that from the 1st of June Caterham and its UK retailers have resumed all services - hire cars, new car sales, used car sales, parts & aftersales and servicing.

The health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is of paramount importance, so following Government Guidance (Certificate of Compliance can be viewed here), we have carried out a COVID- 19 Risk Assessment 

The results of this assessment have been used to inform our working practices both as a manufacturer and throughout our retail network, with new processes being introduced and others adapted to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers.

We hope these measures provide reassurance and instill confidence, as we work hard to meet the important expectations of our customers and staff during this time.


Showroom Visits

  • Customers are asked to organise visits in advance by contacting their local retailer and arranging an appointment.
    • Should a test drive be required please inform a member of staff this while booking an appointment so electronic documents can be sent and completed prior to arrival.
    • Note: A valid driving licence and proof of address are necessary.
  • On arrival at our retailers - markers are in place, as necessary to direct customers where to go.
  • Signage and posters are in place throughout our retailers to remind customers to observe 2m social distancing measures.
  • Customers will be required to utilise the sanitising stand located at the entrance of our retailers and situated throughout them.
  • Customers are required to report to reception to check-in, where a member of staff will explain our new procedure.
  • Staff will unfortunately not be able to greet customers the usual way to protect both parties'.
  • Should a customer be required to wait, a member of staff will show them to several dedicated waiting areas until another member staff is available.
  • Waiting areas will be sanitised regularly and following use by all customers.
  • Customers must not touch or enter any vehicle without the supervision and permission of a member of staff.
  • All vehicles will be sanitised before, and after, a customer touches or enters them.
  • Where appropriate, clear Perspex screens will be in situ to protect staff and customers

Test Drives & Hires

  • Test drive and hire requests should be made at time of booking an appointment with the customer's local retailer; this is so electronic documentation can be sent and completed ahead of arrival.
  • A valid driving license and proof of address is required.
  • Both vehicle and keys will be sanitised in front of the customer at the point of vehicle handover.
  • Handover and vehicle operation instruction will be completed by a member of staff at a safe distance (minimum 2m distance).
  • In the instances of test drives, these will be provided unaccompanied but with a "pace car"
  • On return to our retailers, vehicles should be parked up in the same location where they were collected.
  • Customers are asked to check-in at reception and place the keys in a drop-box


  • Sales discussions will be held either in the showroom (observing social distancing) or at an allocated desk with PPE installed as required.
  • Electronic sales documentation will be utilised where possible.
  • Sale transactions will be facilitated by bank transfer by preference. Card payment will be accepted but are not preferred.
  • Electronic invoices can be sent via e-mail to a customer nominated e-mail address with paper one's available on request at a later

After-sales and Service

  • A member of the After Sales team will request the ignition key of the vehicle which has been booked in. All other key rings etc must be removed.
  • The ignition key and Service Book will be placed in key bag or box by the customer and sealed.
  • Customer vehicles, key and documents will then only be handled moving forward by a technician with appropriate PPE equipment.
  • During the customer's handover of their vehicle to the After sales team, the vehicle will be sanitised by a member of staff.
  • Customers are then encouraged to vacate the premises while their vehicle is undergoing its maintenance until notified to collect it, unless this is not possible, in which case a member of staff will show the customer to a dedicated sanitised waiting area.
  • Once the work is completed the vehicle and keys are sanitised and returned to the customer in a new sealer bag.
  • The sales discussions where the work is explained will then take place in the showroom or at an allocated desk with PPE installed as required.
  • Any associated documentation (e.g. invoice) will then shared electronically (where possible) with the customer using their preferred e-mail address.
  • The sale transactions will then be facilitated by bank transfer as a preference. Card payment will be accepted but are not preferred due to contact.

Should you have any questions ahead of your arrival at one our retailers don't hesitate to contact them directly, they'll be more than happy to assist you.