Racing Just Got Faster: CSCUK 2021 Updates

Racing Just Got Faster: CSCUK 2021 Updates

There aren’t many cars faster around a circuit than a Seven, and now we’re making sure that there are even less…. Because we’ve just turned everything up to 11.  

Yes, our National Level Championship (the Avon Tyres Caterham Seven Championship UK, or CSCUK for short) just got a hell-of-a-lot more competitive. Cars are faster, the tyres are stickier, the grid is bigger and the circuits… well they just got a lot more special.  If that hasn’t inspired any racers out there to register, guess we’d better go into more detail. 



Three Decades of Top-Level Championships

If you’re familiar with Caterham, you’ll know the phrase ‘too fast to race’.  We’ve been racing Sevens since day dot – seriously, it’s the whole reason they we’re created, so we know a thing or two about going quickly.  Whatever the challenge, we took it on, and we always succeeded (yes, even Chris Harris got in on the action at the Nürburgring).  The problem was, we’ve been banned from a racing series or championship one way or another in nearly every decade since the Seven’s first inception – simply down to the fact that we were just too fast…for racing.  So, the only logical thing to do was to race other Sevens.      

2021 will celebrate thirty years of top-flight Caterham racing.  Starting life back in 1991, the Caterham Vauxhall Challenge was the first championship which took Caterham racing out of mixed class, club-level series, and transformed it into semi-professional competition.  The Championship was back by a number of Caterham-specific race teams, and it’s remained a successful formula to this day. 



World-Famous Racing Drivers

Caterham has had its fair share of talented drivers since introducing our highest-level racing championship.  Since 1991 we’ve welcomed champions including Channel 4’s Formula One commentator Ben Edwards, LMP1 manufacturer Rebellion Racing’s team boss Bart Hayden and Porsche legend Barry Horne.

There have also been many notable front runners too, including the likes of Dillon Battistini (US Indy Racer), John Gaw (Managing Director of ProDrive) and Ollie Jackson (BTCC Competitor).  But our list doesn’t end there, in recent years our premium championship has also welcomed guests such as series regular Sir Chris Hoy, TV presenter Guy Martin and W Series Winner Jamie Chadwick.



2021 Circuits Update

As we move into the 2021 season, the Seven Championship UK comes of age with not only a car, but a calendar that represents its status as a National-Level championship. 

The season will visit of three current Formula One Circuits, will support British GT at Donington, and will be compromised of three twenty-minute races at every weekend.  Please see the full season calendar below.


2021 Seven 420R Upgrades

Like we said, even the cars have had an overhaul to match our National Level Championship status. From top to bottom, with the help of Avon Tyres, the 2021 Seven 420R formula is one of our fastest competitive cars on circuit ever.

 Avon’s Bespoke Slick and Wet Tyres

Developed in plain view by our team and Avon Tyres, the competition cars now feature a new slick tyre developed by the team at Avon Tyres. Now, they offer a step up in performance, bringing cars to GT4 pace, whilst being sufficiently durable to last a race weekend, and well into further testing.

Uprated Springs and Dampers

To ensure the new tyres bring the best out of the Seven, our current dampers are tuned to work with stiffer springs – ensuring that any corner that comes into view is dealt with swiftly, and quickly.

Increased Rev Limit

With the introduction of multiple GP circuits, the rev limit on the 2021 racers has been increased from 7,400 rpm, to 7,600 rpm to accommodate the longer straights.  The increase has also been achieved with no apparent loss of durability, meaning not only are the cars able to achieve a higher top speed, but they aren’t stressed when reaching it.

Durability Improvements

Additional, optional and running changes will be introduced ready for 2021 to maximise the durability of the car.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, the driveshafts, the clutch and the de dion tube.



Tyre Offerings

The biggest concern for any racing series making the jump to slick tyres, is cost.  However, working in partnership with Avon Tyres, the 2021 specification Caterham Slick provides maximum durability and performance throughout its life.  This results in a used race tyre that is still on the pace for further testing, keeping costs to a minimum. 

New slick tyres will be limited to one set per weekend.  In support of the series, Avon Tyres will also be providing exclusive prices to registered competitors, seeing a 50% saving over the retail price. 



In Conclusion

With unparalleled performance at its price or running cost level, the Caterham Seven 420R race car offers GT pace, whilst still offering the super-close racing and level playing field that is the hallmark of Caterham Motorsport.

Now a national championship, played out on some of Europe’s greatest circuits, alongside those that are the most challenging to drive, there is surely no better race series - and it is set to grow and improve in the future.

… and because we’re really nice, priority for 2022 entry will be given to those competing in the 2021 championship.


To take part in our 2021 Championship, or to find out more, please speak to our motorsport team today.  or