Rediscovering The Range #10: Seven 420R Race Package (UK)

Rediscovering The Range #10: Seven 420R Race Package (UK)

Time for the big guns.  Here's a quick look at the competitor for our national championship. The 420R.

"Wait haven't we done the 420R already?" Nope, well, technically yes, but it isn't that one.  You'll notice the lack of headlights, missing rear lights and abundance of a passenger seat for a start - so this is no road-going sports car.  What we have here is the 420R designed to compete in our Top-Tier season. 

Power Engine Price
175 BHP Caterham Motorsport 2.0 Ford Duratec £43,495.00

To make the 420R a hardcore racer, we've stripped out anything reminiscent of comfort.  So gone is the windscreen, the lights, a space for a passenger and normal seats.  Instead, this single-seater comes with a plumbed in fire extinguisher, 6-speed sequential gearbox, race-ratio steering rack, 6-point race harness, aluminium boot cover and an FIA approved roll cage.  Included also in the cost of the car is a dry sump oil system, uprated rear brake discs and calipers, ventilated front discs and quad-piston calipers and race springs and dampers. 

In terms of options, the list is understandably shorter.  You can add a stack dashboard with data logging tech, sequential shift lights, a quick release steering wheel, composite race seat and a 55 litre FIA endurance fuel cell.  

Like the Academy car, this isn't on the configurator as a) it's purchased directly through the factory and b) there aren't many options to choose from. Most owners / racing drivers opt for getting their 420R wrapped and some elements, such as the roll cage, painted. 

To read even more on this, head over to the model page

Finally, if this car was a song? 

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen 


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