Rediscovering The Range #11: Tyre Types

Rediscovering The Range #11: Tyre Types

Now we've run through all of our UK models, it's time to get a little more technical.  We've teamed up with the legendary wizards of grip at Avon to run through the different tyre options available on our cars. 

While looking through the configurator, or checking through the motorsport pages - maybe even looking at models in our showroom - you'll have noticed that there are a range of different tyres and treads.  It's not easy to hide on open-wheel cars if we're honest... anyway, there are four core types of tyre: Academy, ZT7, ZZS and ZZR.  All of these have different properties, and are designed to perform in varying environments. 


Avon Caterham Academy Tyre

First up it's the new Academy Tyre.  This tyre is only available on our Seven Academy car and comes as standard.  It's designed specifically to compliment the chassis and performance characteristics of the Academy Seven (lightweight tubular structure, lower power output, standard-size chassis, road and race suspension etc), and supports our ever-growing entry-level race championship.  It helps teach car control as it has slightly less grip in the dry than some of the other tyres, but by using a Silica-rich compound it actually has improved grip in the wet, ensuring that it has a consistent performance level throughout its lifespan.



Up next is the standard tyre for all of our naturally aspirated road cars, specifically the tyre which comes with 14" classic style alloy - (included in the 'S' Pack on the 270, 310, 360, 420, and the Super Seven).  The tread profile and high silica compound has been developed to enhance traction in all conditions, perform better when braking in the wet, increase lateral grip and improves steering response.  

A uniform tyre-to-road contact patch enables an even load distribution (this means that the same amount of pressure is applied across the area of the tyre that touches the road).  The upside is that the tyres last longer, and rolling resistance is reduced - making the amount of force required to move lower. 

*Caterham Alloy Not Shown




Moving onto the sportier end of the scale, we're looking at the ZZS. Here you'll spot the biggest difference in terms of tyre tread.  It has a directional all-weather orientated tread pattern to maximise water clearance and optimise peak performance, forcing water off the road and tyre quicker.  The tread compound is derived from racing tyres, which delivers outstanding levels of grip in wet and dry conditions -  not only making our cars faster, but also safer in tricky conditions.

Like we said, these are race-derived, so the tyres benefit from full competition construction, ensuring the tyres are as good on the road as they are on the track. We use these as our official control tyre for Caterham Roadsport, 270R & 310R race championships.  These are also included with all of our alloy options above the 14" classic alloys and come as standard on the 620S. 



If you aren't familiar with the ZZR, you will be after this.  This is our top-level tyre for Caterhams and comes included with the 620R.  Its also the tyre of choice for the official Avon Tyres  Caterham Seven Championship UK.  The tread pattern is dry orientated, offering extreme stability for maximum traction making it perfect for track use.  By utilising a full racing tread compound, paired with competition construction, outstanding levels of grip are generated meaning you can really plant your foot to the floor... 

*New style Caterham Alloy Not Shown

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