Rediscovering the Range #5: Seven 360

Rediscovering the Range #5: Seven 360

The 360 is the starting point for our 2.0 litre variants in the UK, with 28bhp over the 310 it adds some brute force to your drive.  Here we delve into exactly why we feel the 360 is the perfect Seven for those long-distance drives. 

When developing a Caterham, the key has always been matching superior handling to the right amount of power.  This results in precision, control and finesse through the corners - however you may feel that you want a little more power for the straight-line stuff.  For a more experienced driver, the 360 provides exactly that. 

Fitted with a Duratec engine, there is more low-down torque and a higher power output when compared to a 310.  However, fitting a larger engine means it is slightly heavier (by a small fraction, but every kg counts).  For the right driver, the 360 is a near-perfect track weapon - however for the majority of us that are going to be using this on the road, it provides exactly the right amount of grunt to make this an ideal cruiser. 

0 - 60 MPH Power Engine Price
4.80 seconds 180 bhp 2.0 Litre Ford Duratec £31,490

On a motorway, the 360 is more comfortable than the 270 and 310 models and settles down nicely for the longer stints - (it's true, at Caterham we tend to drive 360s to-and-from shows and events, as well as up to circuits while we stick the others on the trailer).  

As with the 270, we also offer the ability to upgrade the 360 to 420 spec. We'll go onto what those differences are in the next article.  To find out more about the 360, visit the model page here. 


How would we have ours? 

S Pack, lowered floors, Large Chassis, 15" Orcus Anthracite Alloys, Clear Lenses, LED Lights - we'd also chuck on a leather roll bar and Alcantara dashboard (ask your retailer about some of the more special options on offer). 


Finally, if this car was a song? 

Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty


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