Rediscovering The Range #8: The New Super Seven 1600

Rediscovering The Range #8: The New Super Seven 1600

The latest addition to the Caterham range goes back to our roots, and takes inspiration from our earliest Sevens.  In this article we're looking at what makes the Super Seven stand out from the crowd, and why this is the more grown-up choice of Sevens. 

To begin with, this isn't simply a 270 with some wings on it.  Yes, we're addressing that early on to help clear things up.  The Super Seven shares the same lightweight, tubular chassis seen on all of our models, and it also shares performance figures - however that's about where the similarities end.  

5.00 Seconds 135 bhp 1.6 Ford Sigma (with throttle bodies and K&N filters) £33,495.00

The engine has been tweaked and remapped.  On the bonnet, you'll notice two K&N filters which mimic the look of carburettors, prominent on Sevens from the 70s and 80s, (the eagle-eyed fanatics will know that carbs are traditionally on the right-hand side of a Caterham).  Here, the filters enable an improved airflow - helping the engine to breathe better with reduced air demand time. 

Under the bonnet, we've added twin forties throttle bodies for two very good reasons.  The first is to improve low to mid-range engine response and acceleration (the Super Seven weighs a little more than a standard Seven - but we'll come on to that shortly).  The second reason is that it transforms how a Seven sounds.  Instead of the usual rumble, there is a distinct note from the engine, not the exhaust, that is reminiscent of classic racing cars. 

As we mentioned, there are a few key differences to the Super Seven. The most obvious visual change is found at the front where we've re-introduced clamshell wings, similar to those found on the earliest Sevens.  If they aren't your thing though, we also offer body-coloured classic cycle wings.  Then there are all of the polished finishes, look closely and you'll notice the polished windscreen and retro front grille, along with chromed dials and headlight surrounds.  These aren't available on any other model. 

While we are on the look and feel of the Super Seven... It also benefits from a fully upgraded interior with SMITHS dials (similar to those found in a DB5), leather seats and carpet panels. 

Also included in the price is the spare wheel and carrier, an additional option on every other model in the line up, keeping that classic look and adding a little extra security for longer journeys.  To really top off the look, the Super Seven comes with eight, yes EIGHT, exclusive paint finishes as standard.  Not bad, eh?   

The Super Seven 1600 is not designed for the track, instead it's designed as a cruiser.  A more comfortable, relaxed approach when compared to the rest of the range - favouring longer drives,  making it perfectly suited to weekend getaways.  

So in short, if you're looking for something that feels like an old-school Seven, sounds like it's from the 70's, has a premium interior and a classic exterior, then this is the car for you. This delivers an experience like no other car in our line up.  Oh, and it costs half as much as that other British 4-cylinder modern classic - and we're a fair bit quicker.... 

Check out the Super Seven site here

How would we have ours?  

We're a sucker for a Super Seven, so Bordeux Red with a White Birch interior, coloured alloys and cream piping. 

Finally, if this car was a song... 

Pretty much everything here

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