Rediscovering The Range #9: Seven Academy Package (UK)

Rediscovering The Range #9: Seven Academy Package (UK)

Now we've covered off our core road and track day range, it's time to get you into racing...

The Caterham Academy is one of the most successful novice racing championships in the world, and the only way to get involved is by buying an Academy car.  Here we'll talk through what's involved, who can enter the Academy and why less power is helpful on the track. 

0 - 60 MPH Power Engine Price
5.30 seconds 125 bhp Caterham Motorsport 1.6 Ford Sigma £29,995.00 (includes a season of racing)

The first thing we'll cover off is the price of the car, this includes an entire season of racing, trackside support, your racing license, technical training, 'go-racing' pack and race-driver training.  Great, now that's sorted... let's crack on. This is no ordinary racing car.  Yes, it has a roll cage, a built-in fire extinguisher and options to include timers and cameras - however, you'll notice that there are some headlights, indicators and there is space for a second seat.  Our Academy car is fully road legal.

"It's a racing car with less power than a 270" we hear you cry... thing is, that is exactly the point. 

We also fit special Academy tyres which are designed by Avon with low grip in mind.  This is done to help teach car control.  It's very easy to go quickly in a straight line, however, corners are where most people tend to lose the speed.  By having less power, less grip, and a weighty roll cage, you'll learn the art of carrying speed through a corner without losing control.  It also makes for some pretty dramatic racing. You see, less power doesn't necessarily mean less speed. 

In order to get involved with the Academy program, a participant would need to purchase a new Academy car (and they cannot have any racing experience prior).  This ensures that all cars are identical, they have the latest installed requirements and that cars are in the same condition.  Used Academy cars aren't permitted - however we have you covered there too. 

Much like the 270 and the 360, you can upgrade your Academy car to discover its full potential.  After your first season, you can upgrade your Academy car to 'Roadsport' spec and enter a whole new championship the year after.  You can do this again, and again, and again. 

Championship Academy Roadsport 270R 310R
Power 125 bhp 125bhp 135bhp 152bhp
Road Legal?  Road Legal Road Legal Track Only Track Only 

Yep, you can race in four championships in one car, plus they are the only championships that are officially backed and run by Caterham (we also run the 420R's in our national championship - but you need a new car for that one).  We'll be doing an in-depth look at all of the cars in the near future.  

We can't show you how we'd have ours here as it's not on the configurator - but you have a choice of black or silver wheels, black or silver components and aluminium or painted panels.  Plus, we always recommend having your Academy car wrapped so it really stands out from the crowd. 

Hopefully, this has helped you understand the Academy car a little better, for more information, take a look here.  

Finally, if this car was a song? 

The Race by Yello

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