Rediscovering The Range: An Introduction

Rediscovering The Range: An Introduction

Isn't the car world getting confusing these days? 

BMW offer five styles of their latest 3 series with up to three choices of engine on each, Audi have six variants of the TT and four finishes for each one - and if we're honest, we know we're much the same.  We're pretty proud of our configurator - and if you haven't had a go with it click here - because the Seven is now one of the world's most customisable cars.   In fact, there are 58,338,005,483,520,000 spec permutations available... and that's before adding the new Super Seven 1600.   So, how do you know which Seven is for you?

We're here to help.  We've pulled together a comprehensive overview of every model in the UK line up, how the engines vary, what the packs mean and what Seven is best suited to your lifestyle and requirements. 

Below is a run-through of each model - you can work your way through these one-by-one, or jump straight into the model you're thinking about.  Each article will run through the characteristics, differences and how we would have ours.  Best crack on then! 

#1 Models and Engines
#2 Pack and Chassis Sizes
#3 Seven 270
#4 Seven 310
#5 Seven 360
#6 Seven 420
#7 Seven 620
#8 Super Seven 1600 
#9 Seven Academy
#10 Seven 420R Motorsport

If you have any more questions, or fancy getting behind the wheel - we'd suggest getting in touch with your nearest local retailer and they'll be more than happy to help get you on the road.