Discover Signature

Hand-built by us since 1973, our iconic Seven has always attracted those who seek an element of exclusivity. We are now proud to offer you an extra touch of indulgence when ordering your Seven, with our first ever personalisation programme.

Through a range of custom options, you can firmly put your identity on your chosen Seven model. From luxurious leathers to custom paint finishes, as well as a range of one-off options, Caterham Signature allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind Seven like never before.

When creating your perfect Caterham Seven, you are now only limited by your imagination.

Welcome to Caterham Signature.

  • Custom Paint Options
  • Fine Leathers
  • Personalisation
  • Unique Features

Harrods at a glance

  • Custom gold painted chassis
  • Seven 620 style, hydrodipped walnut dashboard
  • Body coloured matching headlight bowls, pedal box cover & cam cover
  • Leather covered rollover bar
  • Caramel leather tunnel top, gearbox and handbrake gaiters
  • Bespoke 'Harrods' embroidery & logo embossing
  • Alcantara full weather equipment

When it came to demonstrating that extra touch of indulgence that Caterham Signature now offers its customers, who better to tailor the legendary Seven than the design team at the famous department store.

Harrods has been the natural partner to delve into the Caterham Signature box of tricks and concoct the very first Signature-inspired Seven, with the distinctive Harrods green and gold adorning the Caterham’s instantly recognisable bodywork.

Other touches of understated class include the Harrods ‘H’ emblazoned on the gear knob and Caterham’s first ever gold-coated chassis.