The Caterham Seven 270R championship is firmly established as the ‘coming‑of‑age’ championship for those progressing out of the Academy through Roadsport. Unlike the lower categories, there is no restriction on professional team support or driver experience. Drivers may have several years of experience, making this a fiercely fought championship.

The Seven 270R cars have typically made their way up from the Academy from 2014 onwards, with most originally being modified 2018 – 2021 Academy cars.

They have now developed into race focused machines, with stiffer suspension and removal of the windscreen and lights giving them a very similar look to their Seven 310R big brother.

270R package

  • *New for 2023* 21 championship races
  • *New for 2023* 7 triple-header race weekends
  • *New for 2023* 20 minute races
  • 25 points for a win, descending to 1 point for all classified finishers
  • 1 point for fastest lap
  • Three drop scores
  • Professional team support permitted

About the car

  • Typically first upgraded to Roadsport with Avon ZZS tyres & a rear anti-roll bar
  • Originally 2015 onwards Academy cars
  • Upgraded to Seven 270R specification with the following:
  • Stiffer springs and dampers
  • Wider track front suspension
  • Windscreen and lights removed
  • Stiffer suspension and track orientated tyres increase grip and give a real race car feel and experiences

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2023 Seven 270R Championship Leaderboard

Pos No Driver Points
1 2 Marc Jones
2 10 Gareth Lucas
3 15 James Cook
4 17 Alex Vincent
5 21 Charlie Lower
6 22 Louise Deason
7 23 Alan Bateman
8 27 Chris Efremidis
9 29 Rrutuj Patki
10 35 Mark Kendle
11 44 Ian Summers
12 45 David Rooke
13 46 Mark Williams
14 49 Steven Lancaster
15 53 Michael Chaplin
16 63 Andrew Palmer
17 64 Giuseppe Felet
18 66 Freddie Chiddicks
19 71 Giles Perry
20 72 Theo Theato
21 73 Matt Larbey
22 74 Alan Venters
23 84 Joe Priday
24 88 Charles Vincent
25 96 Peter Mott
26 97 James Moon
27 99 Benja Hedley

2023 Seven 270R 50th Anniversary Cup

Back for 2023 but with a new name to celebrate our 50th year, the 50th Anniversary Cup allows all drivers (including guest entries) to compete for an alternative podium. Only three rounds qualify for the cup - Zandvoort, Silverstone GP and Donington Park GP - but if you finish it the top 3 for any of those, you're out of the running. Fourth has never looked so good! Check in after Zandvoort for the Standings.

Pos No Driver Points

Seven 270R Championship Past Winners

The hallowed Caterham Seven 270R Championship Hall of Fame celebrates the few who have had the talent and speed to earn their place in Caterham Motorsport history with overall championship glory

Year Driver Car
2022 Taylor O'Flanagan Caterham Seven 270R
2021 Blair McConachie Caterham Seven 270R
2020 Lars Hoffmann Caterham Seven 270R
2019 Daniel French Caterham Seven 270R
2018 Jamie Falvey Caterham Seven 270R
2017 Russ Olivant Caterham Seven 270R
2016 Anthony Barnes Caterham Tracksport
2015 Tim Dickens Caterham Tracksport
2014 Stephen Nuttall Caterham Tracksport
2013 Michael Gazda Caterham Tracksport
2012 David Robinson Caterham Tracksport
2011 Reece Somerfield Supersport 125bhp
2010 James MacLachlan Supersport 125bhp
2010 Jamie Orton Roadsport-A
2009 Rapheal Fiorentino Roadsport-A
2008 Phil Broad Roadsport-A
2007 Jeremy Ellis Roadsport-A
2006 Gary Halcrow Roadsport-A
2005 Guy Harrington Roadsport-Inter


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