Rediscovering The Range #1: EU Model Variants

Rediscovering The Range #1: EU Model Variants

We offer two engine types when it comes to our EU Range, and they both provide wildly different driving characteristics - while still remaining compliant to the latest EU emissions standards. Here we'll delve into what the differences between the two are, what models are in the line-up, and what their names mean. 

So what are the models? 

For the road, we offer the Academy car, the 275, the 485 and the 485CSR - the 420R race car is for the track only, and is designed for competition. As you'll have spotted, the model names are a little different to what's offered in the UK. 

Each car weighs around 500kg, and the name comes from the horsepower-per-tonne figure.  So a car with 135 ps, has roughly 270ps-per-tonne.  However, to ensure that the EU-spec isn't confused with the UK ones we add a 5 onto the end. 

Engine Engine Feature Model 0 - 100 kph Power Output Top Speed
1.6 Ford Sigma Caterham Motorsport Tuned Academy  5.00 seconds 135 PS 196 kph
Caterham Tuned 275 5.00 seconds 135 PS 196 kph
2.0 Ford Duratec Naturally Aspirated 485 3.40 seconds 237 PS 237 kph
Naturally Aspirated 485 CSR 3.90 seconds 237 PS 237 kph
Caterham Motorsport Tuned 420R Race N / A 175 PS 210 kph

Visually, there are some noticeable differences on EU cars (apart from where the driver sits).  There is a high-level brake light at the rear, and on the side the catalytic converter is moved inside the bodywork.

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