Rediscovering The Range #2: Packs and Chassis Sizes

Rediscovering The Range #2: Packs and Chassis Sizes

You’ll have spotted that our cars are often referred to as a 275S, or a 485R, or a 485CSR etc – this denotes the pack that has been chosen for that particular car and determines the characteristics and finish.  There are difference between the two, and these vary depending on the model you choose.  Take a look below to see what we are on about.  Below we explain the differences between each.


What are the difference between S and R packs?

The best way to think of it is ‘S’ for ‘Sport’ and ‘R’ for Race.  We won’t lie and say that our cars are designed for practicality, they’re designed for saving weight. 

If you want something for the road, the ‘S’ pack is the recommended choice.  If you’re looking for a track-attack no-nonsense circuit weapon, we’d always opt for an ‘R’ pack car.  However, these vary slightly on each model - so you'll need to check out the respective articles to understand the difference. 

There are a few exceptions to the rule.  Take the Academy car (EU) – this only comes in Academy spec to ensure a fair and even racing field.  There is also the CSR edition which combines both S and R packs (and some more).  

Remember though, every Seven can be created to your desired specification.  So if you want to add a limited-slip differential to your 'S' car, or a windscreen and weather kit to your 'R' model - you are able to do so. 


What are the differences in chassis sizes?

We have two core chassis sizes used globally.  We refer to them as ‘Standard’ or ‘Large’, these were previously known as ‘S3’ and ‘S5/SV’.  Thing is, the EU also gets our special CSR chassis which is slightly wider and longer than the large chassis.  

If you opt for a large chassis option, there is an additional 25cm in length, 11cm in width and 25cm in height. This might not sound like much, but it makes a significant difference in both the available luggage and legroom departments.  A standard chassis will accommodate drivers up to 6ft2”, whereas the large chassis is better for those up to 6ft6”.  If you’re any taller than that we could only recommend taking the seats out (don't do this)…

  Standard Large CSR
Width 1575 mm 1685 mm 1700 mm
Length  3180 mm 3350 mm 3360 mm
Height 1090 mm 1115 mm 1115 mm

Along with the extra space, a large chassis Seven also gains a slightly bigger fuel tank – better for longer journeys, and the whole car only weighs 25kg more.

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