Rediscovering The Range #3: Seven 275

Rediscovering The Range #3: Seven 275

We'll be starting off with a look into the entry-point for our European range, the 275.  The car that delivers as much fun as possible, making it ideal for a little bit of weekend fun. 

The 275 was the first car we were able to bring to market following the new EU emissions requirements.  There are some minor changes to the engine, however it continues to develop 135 PS and matches the acceleration of the UK spec 270, hitting 100 kph in just five seconds. 

0 - 100 KPH Power  Engine Price
5.00 seconds 135 PS 1.6 Ford Sigma Engine € 31,595* excluding VAT and Local Taxes

In the EU, as we offer fewer cars, we have made sure that we offer more pack options.  Whereas in the UK you can have either an S or R pack, we have a standard pack available for the 275*. Due to this, the S and R packs also vary in what they included compared to the table found in the first article of this series.   Please see the table below for the differences between the three.  

Standard S Pack  R Pack 
14" Classic Alloy on Avon ZT7s  15" Orcus Silver Alloy Wheels 15" Orcus Anthracite Alloy Wheels
- 12V Socket 12V Socket
Choice of 4 Aluminium Body and Coloured Composite Panels 4 Standard Paint Options 4 Standard Paint Options
Silver Gearknob and Standard Dials S Badges and Dials R Badges and Dials
Standard Interior Fully Carpeted Interior Standard Aluminium Interior Panels + Tunnel Carpet
Cloth Seats Leather Seats  Carbon Leather Seats
Intertia Reel Seatbelts Intertia Reel Seatbelts 4-Point Harnesses
Composite Wind Deflector  Composite Wind Deflector Carbon Wind Deflector
Silver Pack Finishes Silver Pack Finishes Black Pack Finishes
Road Suspension Pack  Road Suspension Pack  Sport Suspension Pack 
Standard Dashboard Standard Dashboard Carbon Dashboard
Black Vinyl Tunnel Top Black Vinyl Tunnel Top  Carbon Vinyl Tunnel Top 
- - Limited-Slip Differential 
- - Lightweight Flywheel
- - Rear Anti-Roll Bar
- Heater Heater
Standard Composite Wings  Standard Composite Wings Standard Composite Wings
Black Vinyl Boot Cover Black Vinyl Boot Cover Carbon Vinyl Boot Cover

*please note the standard pack doesn't appear on the configurator.  

Similar to the 270, the 275 is certainly more suited to the road than the track.  There's a lovely little burble from the exhaust and it has just enough power to stay on the safer side of fun - however, we would recommend opting for the windscreen which is fitted by your local dealer. 

It's the ideal car for blasting down back roads.  Check out all the information here

How would we have ours?

We'd take our 275 in 'R' form, lowered floor and carpeted interior panels.  

Finally, if this car was a song? 

Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite

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