Rediscovering The Range #4: Seven 485

Rediscovering The Range #4: Seven 485

Next up is the 485, it's a big step up from the 275 and is the fastest production car we have ever built in Europe.  We're here to explain why this has its sights set firmly on the track.

The 485 is through and through a track car in any variant.  The uprated power unit helps propel you quickly to the next corner, and provides instant acceleration on the way out.  This is supported by the inclusion of a limited-slip differential as standard and sticky Avon ZZS tyres. Thing is, if you want a little more refinement from your chassis and you aren't going to be on track most of the time.  We'd suggest you take a look at the 485 CSR. 

On to the statistics. 

0 - 100 KPH Power Engine Price
3.40 seconds 237 PS 2.0 Ford Duratec €48,995 excluding VAT and local taxes 

Has that not won you over? Okay, well let's run through a few more details.  This particular model has around 23 more PS that the UK's Seven 420, and accesses that at a dizzying 8,500 rpm.  Unlike the 275, this follows suit of other models and comes in only S and R variants - however the pack offerings are slightly different to both the UK and the 275 options. 

S Pack R Pack
15" Orcus Alloy Wheels 13" Apollo Alloys 
Dry Sump Oil System  Dry Sump Oil System
Ventilated Front Discs and Quad Piston Calipers  Ventilated Front Discs and Quad Piston Calipers
Black Leather Seats Carbon Leather Seats
Black Vinyl Tunnel Top Carbon Vinyl Tunnel Top
Black Vinyl Boot Cover Carbon Vinyl Boot Cover
Four Point Road Harness Four Point Road Harness
Black Pack Finishes Black Pack Finishes
Carbon Front Wings Carbon Front Wings
Limited-Slip Differential  Limited-Slip Differential 
Sport Suspension Pack  Track Suspension Pack
12v Socket 12v Socket
Rear Anti-Roll Bar Rear Anti-Roll Bar
'S' Badges and Dials 'R' Badges and Dials
Tunnel and Boot Floor Carpet Tunnel and Boot Floor Carpet
Choice of 4 Standard Colours Choice of 4 Standard Colours
- Gear Change Lights
- Aero Wishbones
- Carbon Indicator Pods

More manageable than a 620, and faster than a 420. What more could you want? 

To find out more about the 485, check out the link here

How would we have ours?  

Definitely in 'R' form, with the uprated brake master cylinder option. 

Finally, If this car was a song?

Ace of Spades - Motorhead 

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