Rediscovering The Range #5: 485 CSR

Rediscovering The Range #5: 485 CSR

How do you make the 485 just that little bit better? Seeing as the engine is pretty much spot on, we can only give it a special chassis.  This time we're looking at the resurrected CSR name, and why having the most powerful engine doesn't mean you have to stick to the track.

Firstly, the CSR is not a pack option.  It's separate to the 485 S/R as it has an entirely different chassis.  Developed by our team in Kent, the 485 CSR uses the 2.0 litre Ford Duratec engine, and pairs it to F1-Style inboard front suspension, fully independent rear suspension and a bespoke, space frame chassis. This shares some similarities with our standard tubular chassis, however it enhances the on-road usability, while still being able to get it's knee down when the roads get twisty.

Whereas the 485 is aimed at the circuit, the CSR is destined for Europe's incredible driving roads.  

0 - 100 KPH Power Engine Price
3.90 seconds 237 PS 2.0 Litre Ford Duratec  €55,495.00 excluding VAT and Local Taxes

As well as the change in suspension set up, there are a number of key visual differences that make the CSR stand out and claim its place at the top of our European ladder.  The 15" CSR alloys are exclusive to this model, as are the aero front wings which have a flat top to assist airflow.  There are slightly larger side and bonnet vents pushing air into the engine bay, and the dashboard has a more modern layout.  Plus, as the suspension is in-board, the front end has a smoother look to it.  

With touring in mind, leather seats, carpeted interior panels and a larger chassis come as standard, along with ventilated quad-piston brakes. 

If you want a car for the ultimate European road trip, look no further

How would we have ours? 

LED headlights, lots of carbon, triple stripes and a track-day roll bar to match.

Finally, if this car was a song? 

My Favourite Game - The Cardigans 

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