Rediscovering the Range: Introduction

Rediscovering the Range: Introduction

The car world does get rather confusing.  There are multiple brands, with multiple models, that come with multiple engines, and have multiple finishes.  From S Line, to M Sport, AMG to Cupra - you're spoiled for choice.  Despite our range being a little smaller than other manufacturers, we know it can be a little difficult working out which Seven is right for you.  To help, we've pulled together a little guide to help you out. 

This covers off the difference between standard, S and R packs, chassis sizes and types, and the varying power units.  We've broken down everything you need to know in easy-to-consume articles, check out the table below to find out more.  

#1 Model Variants
#2 Packs and Chassis Variants
#3 Seven 275
#4 Seven 485
#5 Seven 485 CSR
#6 Seven Academy (EU)*
#7 Seven 420R (EU)* 

*coming soon

You can work your way through the list one by one, or you can jump straight to the model you've got in mind.  Best get started... 


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