The New Super Seven 1600 Launches In The EU

The New Super Seven 1600 Launches In The EU

A month ago we launched the new Super Seven 1600, and now, we are proud to officially launch it's EU counterpart.  Take a look here to find out all you need to know about the latest addition to the Caterham range. 


The original Seven redefined the sports car as the world knew it, taking a no-nonsense approach to motoring and focusing on lightness and handling.  However, after only one year on sale, the famed master of mechanics, Colin Chapman, decided that the 7 Series 1 wasn’t quite fast enough.

A lighter, more powerful engine was fitted with a new gearbox, a number of external upgrades were made and the first ‘Super Seven’ was born.  Since then, the Super Seven name has officially graced a very select number of cars which demonstrated the best blend between style and performance, while the iconic and recognisable badge has lived on through numerous iterations.  Back in the 1970’s we introduced our first cars, and set the scene for Caterhams you know and love today. 

We’ve come along way since 1973, and now it’s time to introduce a new member to the Caterham Family.  Welcome to the all-new Super Seven 1600.

Engine, Exterior and Interior

New for 2020, the Super Seven 1600 re-imagines our first ever Caterham-built Seven with a modern twist.  Starting at the front, you’ll notice the wide-track suspension to make way for the 1970’s Series 3-esque flared front wings.  On the bonnet you’ll have noticed the introduction of the exposed twin forties throttle bodies, creating a recognisable engine note reminiscent of carburettor adorned engines whenever the accelerator is engaged.

Next, we move onto the cockpit, where some of the most dramatic changes can be found.  First up, and exclusive to the Super Seven 1600, is the polished windscreen.  This is paired to a full leather interior, including dashboard and tunnel top, creating a more luxurious experience than some of our more track-orientated offerings.  

Embedded into the dashboard are retro-inspired SMITHS instruments and dials surrounded in chrome.  We’ve even added an embossed Super Seven badge to create a truly special interior. On closer inspection, you’ll also spot the addition of carpeted rear, side and floor panels, and a spare wheel at the rear.   

Every Super Seven 1600 also has access to seven period colour schemes which you won’t find on any other vehicle in the Caterham line up.  For the ultimate throwback look, you can opt for aluminium body panels with composite wings.  

However, there is one major difference which previous Super Sevens could only dream of.  Our expert engineers have tuned the 1.6 Sigma unit to provide 135 bhp – which is delivered through a five-speed, short-shift gearbox to the rear wheels.  The Super Seven 1600 marries the charm and character from the 1970’s, with none of the mechanical drawbacks.

Options and Finishes

The new Super Seven 1600 brings back classic stylings and comforting touches, while using modern engines and offering a greater number of options and upgrades.  It’s the 1970’s, but not as you know it.

As standard, the Super Seven 1600 comes with 14" classic wheels, twin 40s throttle bodies, SMITHS gauges, polished finishes, flared front wings, retro-style seats and the multiple colour options. 

We also know that buying a Seven is a decision made by the heart, so we like to make sure our cars can be as individual as you are.  A full range of customisable specifications are available from top to bottom and including chassis sizes, alloy wheel finishes, LED lights and carpeted interior panels.  

There is plenty to choose from – and if you’d like to visualise your future Super Seven 1600, why not take a look on our configurator.  We encourage individuality, so if you want to take your Super Seven one step further we provide access to a huge variety of paint colours and finishes.  Simply find the paint code and provide it to your Caterham retailer.


The Super Seven 1600 shares the beating heart found in our Sigma-based vehicles. Sticking close to our ethos of ‘adding lightness’, the Super Seven makes use of our lightest engine available and has a kerbweight of just 545kg – meaning around 250bhp-per-tonne.  

One of the most distinguishing features of a Seven is the way it handles.  Virtually unrivalled, the pairing of Bilstein suspension, lightweight construction and Avon Tyres creates an agile and invigorating ride – and things are much the same is the Super Seven. 

Staying true to traditional Seven construction, you won’t find any electronic aids here.  A sense of motoring purity can be found in every Caterham with the abundance of traction control, automatic gearboxes and power steering.  


Not A Limited Edition

As the Super Seven 1600 is officially part of our model line up, all you need to do is visit your nearest retailer when it's safe to do so.  

Welcome to the new old-school