Chris Hoy Test Drives Our New In-Store Configurator

Chris Hoy Test Drives Our New In-Store Configurator

Just over a year ago we launched our groundbreaking online configurator, a completely new tool which allowed users to visualize their ultimate Seven and understand the huge variety of options available on our small British sports car.

The configurator, developed by Renderapp, was praised by UK press for its attention to detail.  Even Top Gear got their hands on it to have a go.  Thing is, it proved so popular that the sheer volume of visitors to the site actually caused it to crash, and it continues to remain popular today.

Towards the end of 2019 we introduced the configurator to our EU pages, adding the Seven 275, Seven 485 and the all-new Seven 485CSR to the creative line up.  However, the fun doesn’t stop there.  Oh no.

You see, the web-based configurator only scratches the surface. As of today, our first ever, in-store configurators are launched officially at all of our UK retailers, but what does this mean for the user, and why should you take the trip to the showroom?


  • Firstly, improved graphics. Every system in the UK runs through a powerful computer with an upgraded graphics card to create a realistic visualization via a 55” 4K QLED screen.  In fact, you’ll be able to see the ripples in the handcrafted panels and the texture of carbon-fibre finishes.


  • Greater interactivity can be found in-store too, instead of cycling through images via a mouse, the entire visual is controlled through a tablet. You can zoom in close, rotate the car to any angle of your choosing and effortlessly swap options to create the perfect Seven.


  • There are many, many, many options, in fact there 58,338,005,483,520,000 (that’s 58 billion) permutations to be precise…. There is no flying option unfortunately though, for that you’d need to speak to Lego.


  • Expert advice is on hand. By visiting one of our UK showrooms you’ll be able to see the options in reality, get behind the wheel for a test drive and talk through the spec of your car with our helpful team.  We’ve been told they can also knock up a cracking cup of tea.


  • Finally, you can grab yourself a nice glossy photo. Once you’ve chosen all the options and settled on your Seven, we’ll print off a photo for you to take home.  Perfect if you need to ponder a little longer, or want to show off what you have on order.    


Don’t take our word for it though, our favourite Caterham fanatic Sir Chris Hoy has taken it for a test drive at our Oakmere retailer.  Check out how he got on creating his brand new Caterham here.