Hej/Hei From Caterham Nordic:

Hej/Hei From Caterham Nordic:

Caterham Nordic is the official Caterham franchise covering Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland for both sales and aftersales.

Based in the south tip of Sweden - Kranvägen in Staffanstorp, it makes it easy for the Nordic customers to travel by car or plane. Caterham Nordic is also quickly approaching its first full year of trading and is looking forward to many years to come. The dedicated team has unrivalled knowledge in premium vehicles having sold a variety of classic and sports cars over the years. This can range anything from Jaguar E-type, Bentley, Triumph and Morgans, to more unusual cars like Bristol & Salmson.

The franchise is home to Caterham’s full selection of European-spec lightweight sports cars, including the retro-inspired Super Seven 1600, the Seven 275, 485 and 485 CSR.

There are plenty of vehicles in stock today, with an additional 2 arriving before Christmas 2020.  Visitors currently have the option to test drive the 1.6 litre 275, or the more powerful 2.0 Duratec 485 – however these are both dependent on the weather conditions.

To view Caterham Nordic’s In-Stock new and used Sevens here.

Anders Weidow is a VIP car collector and his collection ranges anything from A Ford, British Salmson, Corvettes, Morgan, Bentley, Dodge Challenger and Jaguars. Anders also holds an impressive motorcycle collection. Please find below his experience of driving and owning a Seven, purchased from Caterham Nordic:

I purchased my first Caterham a 275S earlier this year and was impressed with how fun, exciting and exhilarating a Seven is to drive on the road. I believe there isn’t a better sports car out there than a Caterham. I am considering adding snow tyres to my Caterham to enjoy driving the Seven all year round. I have had the opportunity to add 5,000 kilometres on the clock this year and I’m interested in upgrading to a 485. However, I don’t know if I really need more power to enjoy driving a Seven. What I am sure of now is I tend to choose my Seven over driving one of my motorcycles.   

Please visit Caterham Nordic for more information.