My Seven Story #1: From The Archives

My Seven Story #1: From The Archives

“Life is full of surprises” 


For our first ever #MySevenStory we couldn’t think of anywhere better to begin than chatting to one of our own.  This month we’ve been catching up with Caterham Archivist, chassis number champion and all-round Seven-guru Martin. 

Martin has been working with us here at Caterham since September 2015, assisting owners around the globe with registrations, digging up the history of past Sevens and ensuring our records are kept in-line.

As well as running our extensive archive, Martin will soon be celebrating 10 years of Seven ownership after picking up his Roadsport 125 from our Caterham showroom in 2010. 


So, how did Martin end up as part of the ever-growing family of Seven owners?  We caught up with him for chat……

“Owning a Seven had always been a bit of a dream for me.  Passing the showroom on a daily basis, planted the seed – it was when a friend hired one for a weekend that convinced me that I needed one!  However, as it is with most things, life gets in the way.

“Fast forward to February 2010 and my wife, Wendy, presented me with a birthday surprise, a day’s hire voucher for Caterham Seven.  Being mid-February the driving conditions weren’t likely to be ideal.  She explained how Caterham had dropped the car off early and it was already waiting in the garage… and for some reason it came with a personalised numberplate.


Eventually the penny dropped....


"Wendy had been in conversations with the sales team for a number of months – secretly setting up the grand reveal, ensuring I didn’t try to purchase a pre-owned Seven in the run up to my birthday.  Making sure they threw my off the scent if I came close to taking one home.  The team even had to come up with fake excuses to prevent me from a impulse purchase.

“It’s certainly a day I’m not going to forget!”


You’ve been running your Seven for almost a decade now, have you made any modifications?

“There isn’t really much which I’d want to change, it’s perfect the way it is.  One of my favourite features of a Seven is the way it drives, particularly when it's through villages in France, so that’s certainly something I wouldn’t change.

“On the visual side of things, I’ve since fitted a track day roll bar, carbon dashboard and carbon front wings to give it a little refresh – but that’s about as far as I’d go”.


You’ve mentioned that driving characteristics play a major part in your Seven.  In your opinion, where’s the best place to go for a drive? 

“If we’re looking close to home, I’d recommend heading down to Rye in Sussex – just make sure you stick to the back roads, it’s way more fun. 

“Looking at locations further afield – it would have the be the Ardennes region on the French / Belgian border.  It’s fantastic.”


And if you could take your Seven anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

“I’d love to drive down 5th Avenue in New York…. Because you can be sure that almost nobody would have a seen a Seven there before. 

“Also, the mountain passes in Italy and Switzerland – simply because of the amazing views”.


A little bit more about Martin's Red Seven:

Vehicle:  Caterham Seven Roadsport 125

Year:  2010

Engine:  125bhp Ford Sigma

Built, bought or borrowed?:  Built by Caterham

Chassis: SV


A big thank you to Martin for his #MySevenStory.  We’re always on the look out for stories to share, if you have a Seven story you’d like to share – please get in touch with our team via with a picture of your Seven and little information about what you’ve been up to for your chance to feature on the site.