Rediscovering The Range #6: Seven 420

Rediscovering The Range #6: Seven 420

Now we're talking.  Here's the most powerful variant of our naturally aspirated cars.  Straight off, the 420 is the fastest Caterham that can be built at home - perfect for the petrol-head who is as handy with a spanner as they are on a race track.  

It features the 2.0 litre Duratec engine found in the 360, however this has been tweaked and tuned to deliver an extra 30 bhp.  It shares many similarities with our fastest racing cars (the 420Rs), and is ideal for those who are looking to attend track days regularly and sharpen their skills.   Although a rapid piece of machinery, it's still manageable on the roads and is tame at low speeds.

As standard, the 420 comes with a dry-sump oil system. As well as having more torque and a higher rev limit than the 360, it also has a top speed of 136 mph and reaches 60mph a whole second faster.  

0 - 60 MPH Power Engine Price
3.8 seconds 210 bhp Upgraded 2.0 Ford Duratec £34,490.00

Whereas the 360 is at home on the road, the 420 prefers life on the track.  The increase in power helps make the straight areas of the track feel a tad shorter, with instant acceleration upon the exit - managed neatly by the de-dion rear suspension.  It demonstrates perfectly how to trust a Seven through the corners, and encourages experienced drivers to explore the limits of their talent. 

If you're looking to build your own track day hero, we'd suggest going for one of these.  Click here for the model page.  


How would we have ours? 

Full track-day spec. R Pack, Apollo alloys, Gulf-inspired colour scheme, carbon indicator pods and finishes, painted track-day roll bar and quad-piston brakes. 


Finally, if this car was a song? 

Green Light - Lorde


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