Rediscovering the Range #7: Seven 620

Rediscovering the Range #7: Seven 620

Our fastest ever car, this isn't for the faint-hearted. The 620 is designed for those who are experienced behind the wheel of high-power, low-weight vehicles.  As well as an upgraded Ford Duratec engine, we've fitted a supercharger to boost the output by an additional 100 bhp.  The supercar slayer. 

As you'll see, we haven't split the S and R pack variants for each model throughout this series. This is simply because the car remains the same, because the mechanical components relatively remain the same (apart from the suspension and brake set up).  When it comes to the 620 there are some very significant differences between the two packs - and therefore can be treated as two separate cars. 

Model 0 - 60 MPH Power Engine Gearbox Price
620S 3.44 seconds 310 BHP Supercharged 2.0 Ford Duratec 5-Speed Manual £50,390.00
620R 2.79 seconds 310 BHP Supercharged 2.0 Ford Duratec 6-Speed Sequential £55,385.00

Unlike the 360 and 420, this isn't particularly designed as a road car and focusses more on circuit driving.  There are some noticeable visual changes on a 620 over other cars in the range, specifically; the aero-nosecone, rear-exit exhaust, yellow brake calipers, carbon boot cover and the grey chassis (usually it's black).  

In standard 'S' form, the 620 features much of the 'R' pack options found in the rest of the range, ie, limited-slip differential, sport suspension, 15" Orcus alloys, 4-point harnesses, lightweight flywheel, carbon-fibre dashboard and exterior black pack.  Included on both variations are the quad-piston brakes for greater stopping power and carbon-fibre interior panels.  From here, those are the only similarities. The 'S' version features a heater, windscreen, weather kit and black leather seats - whereas the 'R' comes with 13" Apollo alloys,  track suspension, padded carbon seats, clear lens pack, a carbon aeroscreen, carbon wings and 6-speed sequential gearbox.   

The sequential transmission aids the delivery of power and allows the driver to 'flat shift' through the gears, we also wrap the alloys in Avon ZZR's for optimum levels of grip. Pair that with a top speed of 155 mph, this aims squarely at any car on any track... and eats it for breakfast. 

A 620 is not to be messed with, in any form.  All the details, right here

How would we have our 620S?

Peppermint Green, large chassis, matt black triple stripes, fully carpeted interior panels, heated carbon seats, LED lights and clear lenses. 

How would we have our 620R? 

Volcano Red, Carbon Double Stripes, Quick Release Steering Wheel, Sequential Shift Lights, Carbon Indicator Pods, Battery Master Cut-Off, Track Day Roll Bar and LED lights.  

Finally, what if these cars were songs? 

620S = Mind Blow by Syn Cole 

620R = Breathe by The Prodigy 

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